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Marilyn, I took the liberty of playing around with your photo.. I like the original myself.. but here is what I came up with. In the first photo, I copied the photo..turned it into sepia..sent it to the back and then reduced the opacity of the top photo. I also added a touch of color by using oval shapes in a pale, pale pink and reducing the opacity. I added a tiny dot to cent of the eye..I find using a period is easier.. and reduced the opacity of the dot. In the second photo..I added a pale pink overlay and reduced the opacity and then added color as above.


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audosborne, at 05:24PM on Saturday October 25, 2008
I also think a paper with some pink in it softens the photo and sort of cast a glow on it.
annirana, at 08:15PM on Saturday October 25, 2008
I like it! What's the paper? I sent u an e-mail and messed it up, so I sent u another one. Click on the "test" attatchment and it will open the proper link. I like the catchy little swimming tune on the video.
Jesse77, at 03:05AM on Sunday October 26, 2008
LOVE this!
BeachScraper, at 03:13PM on Sunday October 26, 2008
THANK YOU RUTH...it does give me a few more ideas to play with. I have not mastered playing with color... :-( I do like the background paper. Thanks again!