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I wasn't going to post another LO, but I was playing around with these photos I took today. The background was made from a picture of the gift bag. I'm too tired to really do any more to it, so good night folks!


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annirana, at 06:56PM on Sunday October 26, 2008
Same here! For being tired, this came out great! What a handsome young man! I wasn't going to post anymore either, but then started playing around and came up w/ Rainee's 8th b'day. So now I'm off to bed too! Goodnight, dear Ruth!
RABIDFOX, at 01:54AM on Monday October 27, 2008
I love that saying probably as much as he loved the cake!
Jesse77, at 04:10AM on Monday October 27, 2008
I also love the saying, I am sure my Mom would agree, with that! HA! great idea to take a picture of the bag to use as a BG...very creative
audosborne, at 04:36PM on Tuesday October 28, 2008
Thanks ladies.