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Marilyn my space


This is a LO's that I put together for fun, something that in years to come will show a glimps of that side of me. If that makes sense.


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annirana, at 08:35AM on Thursday October 30, 2008
It makes perfect sense. I'd love to have seen what a day in the life of my mother or grandmother was like. What made them happy? Isn't this half of what scrapping is about? Not just the pictures, but the journaling. The validation of our daily lives, events big and small. Good job!
audosborne, at 11:00AM on Thursday October 30, 2008
I love this Idea. The objects we collect all have stories to tell. It would be a shame if they were forgotten.
Jesse77, at 05:07AM on Friday October 31, 2008
What a great space to have! I want to do this, my space is still a work in progress!