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These are the one's I was telling u about. Great minds think alike eh? I'm sure you've already seen most of these, but maybe you'll find some inspiration in them. Look for the Mickey ears...I do my traditional LO's the same way. I have 2 diff. sizes of Mickey ear punches. Sometimes I make them out of vellum, so they're harder to find. Then sometimes I won't even secure them to the page, so every time you look at it, they're in a diff. spot! I need to stop. I could go on, and somehow managed to upload more than 20 pictures. Seeing your LO's has inspired me to work on some of the Disney photos I haven't done yet. Traditionally or otherwise. Thanx 4 the inspiration!


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Jesse77, at 04:49AM on Friday October 31, 2008
Wow! I love these Disney LO's! I remember the EPCOT LO, and I loved the how you made Mickey ears, but when I went to do the LO, I couldn't remember where I had seem it, or who had made it. I thought I had saved it in my favorites, but it wasn't there. I looked through about twenty pages in the gallery, and gave up looking, So I totally scrap lifted it from you, so sorry I didn't give you credit. I wish I could have found it because I really like yours much better! Thanks for sharing your Disney LO's they are all great!