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I got the idea for this layout from a blog I've been visiting. The writer is a local AZ gal who was in a terrible plane crash and is very slowly recovering from 3rd degree burns to 90% of her body. She used her blog to inspire and encourage mothers and her sister is carrying on her tradition by re-posting her old posts. Not only did this site inspire my LO, but it has inspired me as a person and as a mother. Please check out her blog (if you scroll down about 3 posts, you can see some of my inspiration- but the entire blog as a whole is truly remarkable!) and I think you will feel the same!


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Jesse77, at 04:51AM on Friday October 31, 2008
This looks great, what a wonderful tribute to Dad!
audosborne, at 12:56PM on Friday October 31, 2008
I just can't believe all the great ideas everyone is coming up with. This is a great page..I think phots of little boys with their dad are so touching. I'll check out that web blog. Thanks for sharing.
RABIDFOX, at 04:23PM on Saturday November 01, 2008
Super sweet. The pictures are adorable & the layout is perfect for this page.