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Web Challenge special son


Ryan is my baby, but growing up way too fast! The Purina Dog Chow site (of all things !) inspired me to put together this page for the challenge.


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audosborne, at 12:47PM on Friday October 31, 2008
I just love this!!! But never in this world would I have seen in that ad what you saw..I guess I have to look more closely. I like the way you made the BG two different shades of green...and all the pictures are great. Cute Boy!!
kmbizal, at 04:01PM on Friday October 31, 2008
I love your interpretation of the ad's design. It makes a very nice layout for the progression of time in your photos. Great job!
scottygal, at 08:32PM on Friday October 31, 2008
Very original! Your LO looks way better than the ad for chow...nice palette! You have a good eye for inspiration.
pryan, at 11:26AM on Saturday November 01, 2008
I totally agree with everyone else's comments...this is a really creative use of the website's inspiration. And, I love that you were able to have the vision for this. It's great!!!