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Twins Halloween 2008

Grandchildren Mailyn


This is the twins first Trick or Treat. I remember the day we bought these outfits, they were not born yet, she had just found out she was having twins.


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audosborne, at 04:20PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
This is really, really, really cute and I love the outfits..I get the idea your a Packers fan but, sorry, my team beat your team today:) Oh, Gosh!! Those babies are adorable!!!
BeachScraper, at 04:26PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
Ruth...We put up a good fight !!! It was a great Game. If we would of won the coin flip, the tables may have been turned!!! I am a bigtime Packer Fan.
annirana, at 04:28PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
How adorable those babies are!
kmbizal, at 06:38PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
Love the LO and the little packer fans! Go Pack Go! We'll get 'em next time.
RABIDFOX, at 06:18AM on Monday November 03, 2008
I really like the large picture of the kids in the wagon as the bkg for this page. The outfits are definately precious.