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Renaissance Faire 2008

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We spent the after noon in Las Cruces N.M. attending the 37th annual Renaissance Faire. We go everyother year so it doesn't get boring. We always enjoy the entertainment, music, costumes, arts & crafts and the food! I'm going to try to add more pages to the album, (that is if I don't get started on something else) so check back and see what's new...but for tonight, just this one page and I'm off to bed. Night all! P.S. I found 2 LO's I did from 2 years ago using MM "saphire" quick page. c-ya!


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RABIDFOX, at 06:13AM on Monday November 03, 2008
Your children sure have changed quite a bit in 2 years. Where else besides a Renaissance Faire or your own home is it acceptable to chow down on a big leg of meat & wipe your mouth on your sleeve? (Although maybe the group I was with just didn't have any manners....). Nice layout on the 2008 page.
Jesse77, at 11:31AM on Monday November 03, 2008
Love the lo design! they sure have grown up a lot, times fly's doesn't it?! I think its a great idea that you go every other year, so it doesn't get boring. great tradition :)
audosborne, at 02:24PM on Monday November 03, 2008
The red and black in this design really showcases the pictures perfectly. I used to go those these festivals in Kansas City. They were lots of fun.