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Since my mother lives in a 55+ gated community, she came to our house to hand out candy. She dressed in costume and truly enjoyed handing out the goodies.


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annirana, at 12:32PM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
Just had to squeeze that Packer flag in there huh? (you go girl!) I'm sure in your mom's neighborhood, everyone was asleep by 7:00-sure wish I'd been!
audosborne, at 12:49PM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
Marilyn, this is so pretty with the leaves and the flowers and your Mom looks so cute. Love it!!! Andrea must be assuming that seniors go to bed early.. not this one, I'm a night owl and insomniac.
Jesse77, at 02:02PM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
You too look so cute!!! How fun :) I am a night owl too, thats when I get all of my stuff done...including scrapbooking :) ------- Chriss-Posted a discussion board on the mm facebook "good freebie sites"---we should plan an evening to chat w/each othe over there. Anyone interested?
audosborne, at 02:59PM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
Yes, Jesse, I would be..let me know when.
BeachScraper, at 03:35PM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
me too....just let me know.