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The colors of Fall.

girl fall colors


My mother has this big ol' cottonwood tree in her backyard, that turns the most brilliant gold in the fall. Sometimes, when the autumn sun is setting, it looks like it's on fire! Then in front of her house, is a majestic ash, and it never fails to impress! Even though this picture of Rainee is from fall '05, I thought it appropriate for the season. I made a trad. LO of this photo 3 years ago, but I saw it on "my picture slideshow" and thought I'd take a digital stab at it-w/ a new kit I just got from scrapwow.com called "Kristincb_april".


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Jesse77, at 04:55AM on Thursday November 06, 2008
I love Fall! these are beautiful pictures. Do you belong to scrapwow? I have been curious about it.