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Web Challenge...This challenge was so fun! First, there were so many great sites to check out for inspiration. Second, I got to use the Family Ties products and Danielle Engebretsonâ??s Falling Into Autumn Embellishments I had just purchased. Third, I found www.coketag.com to use as inspiration and became familiar with web design and web tags. Fourth, it was a great way to dialog with my boys and find out what matters to them right now. Finally, this challenge helped me get to know the MM software capabilities better. I experimented with a lot of layering.


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audosborne, at 03:21PM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
This is REALLY neat..it's a fresh creative idea and it looks great too. Thanks for sharing.
annirana, at 04:15PM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
This IS really cool! I hope you don't mind if I TRY to scraplift.
scottygal, at 05:22PM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
***Thank you audosborne - you are so supportive and good at leaving me commentary. How do you do that? ***Thank you annirana - I don't mind as long as you share your winnings from the contest with me...just kidding! Now that I have completed it my advice is to plan it out and try to do the bottom layers first and work upward. HTH!
Jesse77, at 04:53AM on Thursday November 06, 2008
This is REALLY COOL, I was thinking I wanted to scraplift this also but, I thought where would start?!!!Thanks for the tip! Great job!
RABIDFOX, at 08:16AM on Friday November 07, 2008
I never saw something so neat & different. I'm glad you submitted it for us all to see.
Licha, at 05:46PM on Sunday November 16, 2008
Incredible that inspiration is everywhere! LOVE LOVE the outcome!!!!