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My DGS is glad his birthday is in Oct. He has such fun birthday parties. This was his 7th birthday. Thanks to Cinnamon Scraps for this cute kit.


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BeachScraper, at 03:38PM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
You are so lucky to live close to your grandchildren. This is a great LO. Halloween has been fun, everyone has excellent photos and LO's. Those little witches are so cute.
annirana, at 04:19PM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
I see this LO and the one you did of his most recent BD, man how they grow! I really feel so priveledged to share some of the most important moments in the lives of our "online family". I feel like if I saw your GS on the street, or Paige, I'd know them like they were my own neighbor! (It's funny that we know so much about them, and they don't know us from Adam! LOL!) I mean, if you saw Rainee in the store wouldn't you know her?
Jesse77, at 11:46AM on Thursday November 06, 2008
This is so fun!!!! I feel the same way Andrea!
audosborne, at 11:37AM on Sunday November 09, 2008
Thanks ladies. I know what you mean Andrea..I love watching your children, and Paige and Jenna's kids and Marilyn's grandchildren grow up. Thanks for letting me be part of the family.