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Cats Sleep Anywhere

cats sleeping orange pink


For all you cat lovers out there. No, they're not all mine. BG from Fran, font What's Happend, Any and Andrew script.


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audosborne, at 06:49AM on Saturday November 08, 2008
How weird, It didn't save the BG paper. Oh, well, I'll have to fix that later.
BeachScraper, at 08:34AM on Saturday November 08, 2008
That's cute...cats are the such fun pets to have , they have personalility you just have to love.
annirana, at 08:25AM on Sunday November 09, 2008
I might have to scraplift this from you, because my cats WILL sleep anywhere! I'm working on a page of my min-pin with her face stuck down in the icecream container! You know, I like the white background too.
audosborne, at 11:17AM on Sunday November 09, 2008
Scraplift away Andrea. I would be very honored. Thanks for looking ladies. I think I like the white background better myself..You can learn so much from you mistakes!
RABIDFOX, at 04:27PM on Tuesday November 11, 2008
Since we have little kitties, I just had to show these pages to my kids. Unfortunately that lead to them shoving the little fur balls in some interesting spots. I heard a lot of "come here mommy; look where the kitties are sleeping now". I think the kitties might be very hard to find over the next few days!