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I Hope You Dance

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i just finished this project for my sister's b-day. i'm so excited about it. i wrote all the lyrics to "i hope you dance" in a 26 page book with pictures of her as a kid (she was a dancer) and a few from now. it was so fun to put together. i just love being able to preserve these fun memories on my computer. i was able to do this project in a little over a day. it would have taken me a lot longer the traditional way. hooray for memory mixer!


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annirana, at 03:47PM on Friday July 06, 2007
WOW, WOW, WOW! You have REALLY out done your self this time! Does it get any better than that? I see where you used that little piece of red torn paper, (nice touch!) When is your sisters' birthday? ( Mine was yesterday 7-05) Absolutely no amount of money in the world could purchase a better or more sentimental gift than the one that came from your heart. Very impressive!
palano2, at 11:28AM on Saturday July 07, 2007
I love the photo and the layout of page 7
ksalido, at 06:41AM on Monday July 09, 2007
This is absolutley beautiful! I love page 7, what a great photo.
scrapmommy, at 09:40AM on Thursday July 12, 2007
Fabulous! Please let us know how she reacts, to her truely special gift. This is really a beautiful book!
alliesun98, at 08:23AM on Saturday July 21, 2007
Really nice! What a special gift :)
kelliekoo, at 04:44PM on Saturday August 04, 2007
after some shipping difficulty (there was a mix-up with the address) my sister finally got this birthday present. she really liked it and said she cried a lot. in a good, walk-down-memory-lane-nostalgic-moment kind of way. i think this year most gifts from me will be crafted in memory mixer2. it's so easy to put special memories together for myself and others.
chamar, at 06:33AM on Thursday August 23, 2007
New to MemoryMixer...but could you tell me about the "Paper" - I have Version 2 and I certainly do not see the paper that you have used but I LOVE IT!!!
kelliekoo, at 03:47AM on Sunday August 26, 2007
hello chamar - the paper is Michelle Coleman's. it's called 'You Glow.' go to BACKGROUNDS. in backgrounds, click QUICKMIX, click the arrow beside MICHELLE COLEMAN, then the arrow beside YOU GLOW, then 6 backgrounds will appear. all of the embellishments for 'You Glow' are great too. i wish michelle coleman would sell some more packages on the memory mixer website, because i love her stuff!
KarenMc2846, at 04:30AM on Thursday May 05, 2011
Outstanding. Really love your sentiment and creativity!