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Kim Marilyn


This is a picture of the quilt I made my daughter for going off to school, hoping that she would always have warm memories of home and a quilt to keep her warm. In my heart I hope maybe someday it may be handed down to her children, no matter how worn it may be.


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annirana, at 03:25AM on Monday November 10, 2008
So, you scrap AND quilt? Sweet! (Is there a big red "S" hiding under your shirt?) I love that quilt! Those colors are soooo pretty! Wouldn't that be great to pass down? (to me! LOL)
audosborne, at 04:03AM on Monday November 10, 2008
WOW! You're a lady of many talents!! That quilt is gorgeous..the colors are fantastic!! Do you have others? I'd love to see them. I like the little teddy bear you anchored the journaling with.
Jesse77, at 02:59PM on Monday November 10, 2008
wow! I can't sew at ALL! I can barley...and I mean barley sew on a button, LOL! love the little note, very sweet.
BeachScraper, at 03:42PM on Monday November 10, 2008
Thank You Ladies...
RABIDFOX, at 08:16AM on Tuesday November 11, 2008
Wow. I love the pattern you used on your quilt. My grandmother in law used to quilt as well. It took up her entire basement & all of her free time. It would be nice to look back now & see what she did (since all of the quilts were given away). This is a nice keepsake.