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My children all decided that they wanted to be power rangers this year (almost everyone we ran across got a kick out of this). All of our costumes came from yard sales this summer. They used them several times for dress up & then for Halloween. What a great purchase for a total of $10! I will give credit in a few days.


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audosborne, at 02:31PM on Sunday November 16, 2008
I see the kitty is hiding in the pumpkin:) This is a great Halloween LO. I love the blue costume. The addition of the candy bars really makes the page pop..and me hungry. Another great job. If you every have time, I would love for you to join the MM group at Facebook...then when we have photoshop questions..we'll just ask you. Don't you just love giving free advice:)
annirana, at 03:58AM on Monday November 17, 2008
I have GOT to learn how to use my APS! And when I do, you guys better watch out! LOL! Those candies look awesome!
jshel17, at 08:20AM on Monday November 17, 2008
That is the funnest page!!! Where did you find the pics of the candy?? Did you scan them yourself?
grebs17, at 12:40PM on Sunday May 03, 2009
How did you manipulate the images of the candy? It looks fabulous!