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Another recital Rainee was in. A really cute production by the Ballet Du Coer. This is the second time she has performed with this co. She just loves it! I still can't get past all the make-up I have to pile on her face.


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connierun, at 05:19PM on Monday November 17, 2008
Beautiful LO and Daughter. She is going to have Wonderful memories of her childhood and the most beautiful scrapbook. She is one lucky girl.
BeachScraper, at 12:00AM on Tuesday November 18, 2008
These are very nice, and she will really appriecate it later in life. I did find that Font, I love it, it is so pretty. You do a beautiful job on her makeup!!
annirana, at 03:38AM on Tuesday November 18, 2008
Thank you ladies! We are so very blessed to have three healthy children!
audosborne, at 02:03PM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
Rainee looks so beautiful and so professional. I'd love to see her dance. Beautiful , beautiful pages!!!
RABIDFOX, at 04:33AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Every page is a beautiful work of art. You are definately an inspiration to me!!
Jesse77, at 03:40PM on Monday December 01, 2008
I really like all of these, but I ADORE the first one, it is breath taking! Great font too!
imthetacie, at 09:23PM on Tuesday December 30, 2008
i love the first page could you tell me alittle about the font. and how you got the picture to seem to be a part of the background. thanks and beautiful pages . i really love the blue one with the girls waiting the pic is so great it makes the page really pops