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cats squares


Nothing fancy, something I had started on when I first purchased MM and using the pre-fab layouts to make a quick kitty book. My cat collection keeps growing though.


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BeachScraper, at 02:06PM on Tuesday November 18, 2008
Really Cute!!!
annirana, at 03:34AM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
Geeze Louise! How many cat's u got? Jusy kidding! I LOVE my kitty's!
audosborne, at 04:25AM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
What beautiful kitties. Thanks for sharing!
kbrookbank, at 12:55PM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
I have only 4 cats now. The most I ever had at one time was 5, what a handful!
RABIDFOX, at 04:32AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Wow an entire kitty book!! I better not show this to my kids or they will be placing their order (however that does lead to a good holiday present! ~ thanks for the idea).