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Cody hanging out with friends on Halloween Night. He was invited to run a Haunted House at our friends house. The boys look pretty bad. They had a air compressor & a chain saw (no chain of course). Boys love that kind of stuff. They made me go through it. It was scary. The adults would only allow a few in at a time. All night long there was a line of 30 or more waiting to get in. It was so cool.


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kbrookbank, at 01:01PM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
Spooky, looks like they had a blast! Love the spiderweb background.
audosborne, at 04:16PM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
We used to do this when my kids were too old to trick or treat but not too old for Halloween fun. It's a lot of work..looks like they did a good job. Great page!!
annirana, at 05:16AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Cool! I'm getting to that state w/ Nick, Like Ruth said, too old to T or T, but not too old for the fun! Great page!