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Nathan and our cat Lemur. Lemur doesn't live w/ us anymore. When we moved back in Jan. '08, we brought our 2 cats Lemur and Michelle w/ us. Michelle was fine, but Lemur would stay about a week and then go back (2mi.) to where we used to live. He did this about a half a dozen times or so. So we finally just quit bringing him over. He got to where he wouldn't come to us any more anyway. I can't imagine he would rather live outside w/out his warm milk in the morning, than to stay at the new house w/ us. And yes, he's neutered...we miss him, but our old neighbor feeds him and pets him. Dumb cat!


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BeachScraper, at 04:45AM on Friday November 21, 2008
Really cute but sad story....good page. Isn't it funny how much we can love our animals.
audosborne, at 02:49PM on Friday November 21, 2008
Cute LO!!