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What are you thankful for?

thankgiving memory challenge


I asked the kids what they were thankful for this morning thinking I would just get silly answers, but instead got all teared up at what they had to say. I wrote them in my notebook and then decided to make the memory more memorable.


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lposey01, at 01:02AM on Friday November 28, 2008
What a lovely memory and LO! I especially love the way you coordinated the color-blocking. We asked the same thing of our boys before Thanksgiving dinner prayer yesterday and were just so touched at the beauty and sincerity of their words.
annirana, at 05:55PM on Friday November 28, 2008
How blessed you are! What a beautiful family! I like the journal style of this LO. It really pulls it all together!
audosborne, at 08:05AM on Saturday November 29, 2008
This is so sweet.. what a wonderful family you have.!!
Jesse77, at 03:45PM on Monday December 01, 2008
wow! I Love the design of this LO...what great memories, to look back on down the road.