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Christmas kids


These photos were taken to use as our Christmas card that year. I have so much respect for the professionals who take pictures of kids - what a job!


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annirana, at 04:38PM on Thursday July 12, 2007
Hi scrapmommy, great page! I did "scraplift" a few of your designs. I didn't want to publish them because they weren't my designs, but I'm going to anyway (giving you full credit of course!) I loved your layouts so much, I totally copied them. I hope your flattered and not offended. Thanks for the ideas, I hope I can return the favor...
scrapmommy, at 04:33AM on Friday July 20, 2007
I'm happy that you like my pages. I never seem to get much feedback to know if anyone is even looking at them. It's nice to know I have a "fan." I LOVE your pages and you have given me many ideas as well. Keep on scrappin'!
jcpopp, at 10:59AM on Thursday August 30, 2007
These pages are beautiful. I have no idea where or how to start to duplicate something like this. Any direction you could give would be so appreciated