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Marilyn Kim


Background paper from Michelle Coleman, Serendipity PP, curls. (MM) Some elements from Weeds n Wildflowers. Since all our kids live in different states, it's not often we have everyone together, this picture was taken on a trip to Chicago, spending some time enjoying the city & shops on "Michigan Avenue".


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scottygal, at 05:17PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
Good that you are recording this extraordinary occurrence...very pretty page that caught my eye in the gallery. I want to go shopping there - I wonder if it ts still there. They closed the FAOs we used to frequent here in CA.
annirana, at 05:35PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
Oh Marilyn! How do you do it? I'm gonna die when my babies grow up! Then what if they all move away! Your page has touched a special place in my heart! Sitting and thinking about it awhile gives me a deep sense of appreciation for you having them "all in one basket" again!
Jesse77, at 10:02AM on Wednesday December 03, 2008
love this Marilyn! Happy Holidays!