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This was created in Memory Mixer, the trees I drew in the program using the shapes tool. The snowman was import clip art from another program I have. Our families Christmas Card this year.


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deborellah, at 09:03AM on Wednesday December 10, 2008
Very creative!
audosborne, at 12:43PM on Wednesday December 10, 2008
Cute card..I like the way you inserted Merry Christmas in different languages.
RABIDFOX, at 01:35PM on Wednesday December 10, 2008
I really like how you created your own trees for this card. I would not have know until you said something!
Lorimo, at 12:17AM on Thursday December 11, 2008
Thank you everyone, time was short this year, so I included the different languages on one card rather then separate cards. I'm so amazed at everyone's' layout, cards and etc. here. Lori