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dance ballet girl


These are some pictures of Rainees' 6th Ballet recital. She is such a beautiful little dancer!


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NursegreeneyesRN, at 05:21AM on Thursday July 19, 2007
I like all your layouts, they're all so pretty. Such a pretty ballerina! Love the last page!
scrapmommy, at 04:27AM on Friday July 20, 2007
I love this book! I really like your style and your color sense. Beautiful girl!!
annirana, at 05:25PM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
Thanx ladies! Too bad we can't all get together to scrap! Still, I like the way MM brings women from all over, litteraly the world! I think Alliesun is from TX., but is currently living in Germany W/ her husband. I feel very fortunate to be able to share some of my life's favorite moments w/ all of you!
alliesun98, at 08:03AM on Wednesday July 25, 2007
I agree! I have just kinda gotten started, but it is very fun to see everyone else's pages and see all the great ideas that people come up with :) It would be fun to meet up...anyone want to visit Europe?? hehe