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I love to make e-mail cards for my friends and family and try to adapt them to their personalities or interests. The 1st card is for my friend who works for Child Protective Services. The 2nd is for a "bah humbug" kind of guy, the 3rd is for my mom's grandchildren and the rest are just cards.


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Montana, at 05:17PM on Saturday December 13, 2008
I love them all. I like #3 the best, where did you find the sweet little children elements? They are adorable. Good job!
BeachScraper, at 02:18PM on Sunday December 14, 2008
Very Nice!!! My favorites, 2,4, & 5. Where did you get the Santas? They ALL are beautiful.
annirana, at 05:05PM on Sunday December 14, 2008
I really like #4. Very Victorian. How many of those layers did you do yourself? You did an awesome job!
audosborne, at 06:28PM on Sunday December 14, 2008
Thanks for looking ladies. Andrea, the third page is a quick page..the rest I did myself. Marilyn, the Santa on the fourth page is from "A Wildflower Holiday" by Gina Huff and it's from Weed and Wildflowers.
Jesse77, at 04:49PM on Wednesday December 17, 2008
I like them all, and I love your idea to send email cards...never thought of that :) You are so creative Ruth!