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If you can not tell, LOL, I am very new at this. I am looking for any help I can get to become GOOD at this...Let me know anything about my pages, I want to scrap a couple of lifetimes for my family so they can always remember, and know where they come from.


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kmbizal, at 01:07PM on Thursday December 18, 2008
Love the colors in this LO! Were these elements all in one kit? Where did you get them? Great job! I am fairly new at digital scrapbooking myself and I am loving it. One thing I have figured out that is different than regular scrapbooking is that you sometimes need to add drop shadows when layering pieces. You don't always need them but experiment with them and I bet you'll notice the difference when you learn to use them well. I've been studying some of the "regulars" here in the gallery and see how they do it. I love that I can pick my favorite LO's and go back and figure out what I like about them. There are a lot of great scrappers here! Scrap on.
weblg, at 02:31AM on Friday December 19, 2008
Thanks for the tip and nice comments...most of this came from a free download at shabbyprincess called "Spontaneous-Delight". I loved the beads and the embellishments..reminds of old jewelry of my mom's. Thanks again.
audosborne, at 01:03PM on Saturday December 20, 2008
Nice LO and thanks for the tip about the kit. I downloaded it. Love the LO but I do have one suggestion if you don't mind. You might try rotating the photos to the right a little ..putting them more in focus. You did a good job ..keep at it.s
weblg, at 03:41PM on Saturday December 20, 2008
Thanks so much...and I Love to get the suggestions!! That's why I keep putting these pages up, so you "PROS" can tell me what I am doing wrong...My pages seem so flat and dull, or way too cramped, or just something wrong, compared to most of these....I took your suggestions, applied and there it is......does look much better...THANK YOU!! Also thought sepia would help too. I Like it better.......
audosborne, at 09:22AM on Sunday December 21, 2008
Nice! I really do like the sepia!