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Christmas Card/ Birth Announcement

red family christmascard


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lposey01, at 01:19AM on Friday December 19, 2008
I LOVE, love, love this card...it's simple, elegant, touching, and the photos are amazing!! Great job!
RABIDFOX, at 05:50PM on Friday December 19, 2008
This card is very nicely done, but please be aware that I am very jealous of you. First, I wish someone would take a picture of me now & then; second, I wish my nerves weren't shot when I had my 3rd so that I could great newbie picts like you did; and third, I just can't seem to keep it as simple & beautiful as this.:) Keep up the good work!
audosborne, at 01:01PM on Saturday December 20, 2008
This LO took my breathe away. Beautiful in its simplicity and subject matter. Absolutely perfect!!!
JENNA, at 01:40AM on Sunday December 21, 2008
This is simple - just like I like. It doen't take away from the beautiful photos... I love it.
BeachScraper, at 06:28AM on Monday December 22, 2008
Nothing more can be said...stunning and awesome!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!!!
EmilyLaurel, at 05:46AM on Sunday January 04, 2009
EmilyLaurel, at 05:48AM on Sunday January 04, 2009
Ok wait R, I cannot believe i just found you on here! Wow your boys are adorable. we have to catch Up. I am going to look for your email address right now!