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My grandson..he's just like our own. We have so much fun with him. These are a couple of pages last year, late summer, when his parents were out of town. The first page was made with a kit from ScrapWow called Family Fun..and the 2nd just all MM.


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audosborne, at 05:02PM on Monday January 05, 2009
Aren't grandchildren the greatest. The problem is, they grow up SOOOO fast so treasure each moment you have with them. Love you LO!!
weblg, at 05:57AM on Wednesday January 07, 2009
Yes, I agree, they do grow up too fast, and yes they are the greatest. I tell my girls all the time, the best thing about have children is they have your grandchildren. Thanks for your kind words.
RABIDFOX, at 06:01AM on Wednesday January 07, 2009
Your first zoo page is a definite fav of mine. I really like the overlapping, textures, typography & LO. Fun stuff.
weblg, at 08:15AM on Thursday January 08, 2009
Thanks so much! These were fun to make!