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I couldn't believe all that I scrapped last year! What started out as a "waste of money" *ahem * ended up being my favorite past time! Thanks Memory Mixer!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how many books I will create this year. Fireworks are freebies from Scrap Elf. Curled frame, journal & envelope are freebies from Digi Scrap.com.


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weblg, at 05:55AM on Wednesday January 07, 2009
If you aren't, you should be in advertising. Your creativity is larger than life, and just absolutely beautiful.
audosborne, at 10:39AM on Wednesday January 07, 2009
Ditto to the above!!!!
RABIDFOX, at 03:48PM on Friday January 09, 2009
Aw, shucks! Thanks.
Jesse77, at 10:15AM on Monday January 12, 2009
I am so impressed with your work....i know I have said it before but you are super creative, another fantastic one!
nanpera, at 02:31AM on Wednesday March 04, 2009
Very nice. Did you use MM version 3?. Did you curl the photo or is that in the program?