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Journaling...I have been seeing this on all the scrapbooking sites, encouraging to more journaling...so I thought I would try to write down some of the things I think about...I told my daughter this very thing the other day when she was having a very blue day. May be kind of silly to some but this is very true to me.


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BeachScraper, at 03:34PM on Wednesday January 07, 2009
WOW...very nicely done. I do agree, journaling is so important. I do need to focus on more journaling ,this is very motivational. Nice Job. I enjoyed your style of writing, it was easy and enjoyable to read.
weblg, at 08:11AM on Thursday January 08, 2009
Thanks so much...I know how I write is very simple, but it comes out just like I would say it to someone...my vocab is not that big (Cameran..my 5 yo grandson has a larger vocab than me LOL)..your words are kind and I do appreciate it.
BeachScraper, at 03:30PM on Thursday January 08, 2009
I took a writing/journaling class thru a community college at night, it was a fanastic class; and if anything taught me to enjoy writing and write how I feel. I Loved the class, it was worth every penny. How you write is your style and says a lot about you, enjoy that part of you.
weblg, at 09:02AM on Friday January 09, 2009
Thanks for the advice...I just might have to try that out. Would really help me alot, I'm sure.
CRYSTAL24, at 01:55AM on Tuesday January 13, 2009
Great job, love the journaling as well. Did you get the torn edges or folded edges from MM? I was wanting to know if MM was able to do torn edges?
weblg, at 05:11AM on Wednesday January 14, 2009
Thanks alot...I don't think you can do torn edges in MM..This is an overlay. I purchased from another site..can't remember which one...sorry, but they have them on many sites just do a search for digital scrapbook elements...and a million sites will come up.