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I thought I would try another Scraplift for the challenge, I did not like my other one that well. I did this one from RABIDFOX, and trying to do one of her layouts is not that easy. But Thanks for making me want to work at this harder to make beautiful pages. This is my daughter Traci, and myself, on a a family vacation to Williamsburg. This was all made with MM Kit Icy Chocolate by Emma Schonenberg. I love this kit!!


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RABIDFOX, at 03:19PM on Friday January 09, 2009
Wow. I often thought that it would be neat to be scraplifted (thanks for the amazing compliment by the way)...However, now that I see how good your is (and I must admit that I do like your page better than mine), I feel really jealous! I just love this color scheme that you went with. I'm going to have to look into getting this kit.
weblg, at 09:44AM on Saturday January 10, 2009
Thanks alot! But I still like yours better...Again, thanks for inspiring me.
chiquita517, at 06:25AM on Monday January 12, 2009
You did a great job with this scraplift. I think I will have to scraplift this idea someday. It's so cute. I love the color scheme and I think I am going to have to by the icy chocolate kit too!
weblg, at 05:12AM on Wednesday January 14, 2009
thanks a bunch...you should get this kit...so many things you can do with it.