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Easter boys bunnies weblg


This was the only picture I didn't get into the first LO, so I decided to make page two..I wanted to show off the bunny..LOL. They loved having theirs pictures taken with the live bunnies. Thanks for looking.


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weblg, at 06:37AM on Tuesday January 13, 2009
This is the 3rd version of this LO I uploaded..everytime I uploaded, it just didn't look right. I changed several things...any input would be appreciated. Since it's Easter pics, I didn't think the pinks were too much, but my DH thinks it's too girly for the boys.
HLHL, at 07:33AM on Wednesday January 14, 2009
You will have plenty of time to put more masculine things on the pages for your boys. This is the age when flowers are okay, (at least in my opinion). Especially if you like it. If you are trying to take the girly look out you could remove the flowers on the bottom, a little white space is okay. I've heard :-). But it is a very cute LO. I like it.
audosborne, at 05:10PM on Wednesday January 14, 2009
I think this LO is beautiful just the way it is. In fact I intend to scraplift it. I don't think the pink is too much for such little ones.
weblg, at 03:58AM on Thursday January 15, 2009
Thanks ladies...thanks for the input. I was thinking the same thing...Little ones and Easter..Pink is okay!