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parents love marriage


I just got the program and decided to play around a little, so I made a page dedicated to my parents who have been a great example of what marriage should be!


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NursegreeneyesRN, at 05:15AM on Friday July 20, 2007
Hey alliesun98! Welcome to MM! You are going to love this program! It's very hard to stay away from the computer and make layouts! I think the rest of the Memory Mixers would agree with me! Hope to see more of your layouts!
annirana, at 09:56AM on Friday July 20, 2007
I agree w/ her! I'm addicted! Great first!
alliesun98, at 02:09AM on Saturday July 21, 2007
Thanks guys! I can already tell that I will have a hard time pulling myself away :) It's very addicting!!