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DSD07 Ribbons dots dots red brads.


Well I was off for 4 days from work and had time to do things at home and also had the extra time to do some page layouts, which usually "extra time" happens once in a blue moon for me. Working and going to school full-time is usually my day to day schedule! Here is a pic of Mitzy, which I called "So Sweet"


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annirana, at 09:31AM on Friday July 20, 2007
Offset green "e", awesome, very outside the box! I was wondreing where you got the red polka dot paper, then I saw where you said you used brads, cool. Try using periods in a large font at a larger pt. than usual. Lay down about ten of them, paste them, then open another ten, but this time, when you paste them, off set them a half space, repeat. You'll have perfect polka dots. You can do them in all kinds of diff. colors and fonts! The flowers on that page were made w/ three ribbon knots just rotated diff. ways. Thanx for the comment on my babies. I assume these cute "furries" are your babies? What dept. do you work in? I work in L&D, night shift 7a-7p, haven't quite got the guts to go back for my BSN though. Good luck to you!!!
dbarnest, at 04:12AM on Sunday September 16, 2007
I'm interested in the hearts on this page. Included a Memory Mixer download?
BeachScraper, at 12:46PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
I like it...very nice, also like the off set "green" "e"...What is BSN, seems like I should know, but drawing a blank. I do enjoy all your layouts :-)