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Drop Shadow Challenge audosobrne


A photo of my DGS and his daughter. I was playing around with the drop shadow tool, and I made the frame by adding a drop shadow to an acrylic strip from Amy Sumrall's kit..did the same for the border strips. I also added a drop shadow to the photo,copied it, flipped it and one copy moved to the back..makes it look like a part of the frame.


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scottygal, at 07:21PM on Saturday January 17, 2009
Thank you - interesting method; I 'd like to try that flipping you mentioned after shadowing the photo. It sounds complicated but the end result is actually simple and pleasing to the eye! Thanks.
weblg, at 02:48AM on Sunday January 18, 2009
I really love this! I will definately scraplift this one! I am glad you explained what you did, so I can truely scraplift. (I love how you made the frame) You really captured this challenge Perfectly! What kit?
audosborne, at 04:20PM on Monday January 19, 2009
Thanks for looking ladies! The kit is Funkaroni by Amy Sumerall
weblg, at 01:17AM on Tuesday January 20, 2009
Thanks...I need to get this kit..I really like it.