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I finished my Christmas album (the two weeks of Christmas!!!) I didn't think I would get so many LO from my pictures...but I ended up with 30 pages. I just couldn't leave anything out. These are going to be my front and back covers for the book. I love that you can do that with MM. And I am using them for the Challenge too.


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scottygal, at 07:36AM on Sunday January 18, 2009
Wow! Lovely work! Pretty! You already completed your Christmas album. We both submitted cover pages. When I see no writing on the back it makes me curious - I wonder who did it and when. Have you ever considered putting a signature, slogan, or photo of yourself on the back? For me, that would personalize it.
audosborne, at 04:14PM on Monday January 19, 2009
These are really nice!! You've been working hard haven't you.
weblg, at 01:40AM on Tuesday January 20, 2009
scottygal, thanks for the tip to sign the back...(I really hadn't thought to do that, since in my book I have three journaling pages to my family)...I went back and found a pretty script font and put a small signature on the back page. Thanks for your nice comments ladies. Oh yes, I have been working hard (can't seem to stop! & other areas suffer for it too! LOL)