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Remembering Fountain Green

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My husband grew up in Fountain Green Utah, a small farming community. In 2006 went back, so that he could share his childhood memories with me. On the second page, there is no journaling because I want to handwrite it but so your not in the dark #1 is the largest turkey coop in the world, I think my husband made that up, but its certainly the largest I've ever seen. #2 Is the Springs there in Fountain Green, recently they fenced it off so you can't drink stright from it, but I did get to taste it and it is the best water I've ever tasted! #3 Is the the log home my husband grew up in which is the most beautiful home I've ever seen, maybe when we retire we'll build one just like it! I used Shabby Princess Two Soon Kit and additional elements from Memroy Mixer and Shabby Princess.


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