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Marilyn winter


Elements from Diigscrap and Weeds N Wildflowers. This past week we had some unseasonal weather, we even saw a few snow flurries along the coast. I stood in our front door watching the snow, like I had never seen it before. Tried to get some pictures but no luck, not enough snow to even show in the pictures. So I resorted to pictures of the frozen water falls at our subdiviision entrance.


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craftyjac, at 05:59AM on Saturday January 24, 2009
Awesome photos! Love this LO.
weblg, at 07:45AM on Saturday January 24, 2009
These pictures are wonderful! Beautiful LO! Unbelievable how cold it has been. It was 10 here on Monday, 65 yesterday. Years from now your family will appreciate that you captured the rare weather in photos for them.
JENNA, at 01:55PM on Saturday January 24, 2009
What a great page... and wonderful photos...
audosborne, at 09:58AM on Sunday January 25, 2009
Love the Pictures and the design is great! I can't imagine it being that cold at Myrtle Beach..It was about the same temp here.