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This is one of my very favorite songs...I think I think I could do an entire albums, with song lyrics! I love music :)


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BeachScraper, at 02:04AM on Friday January 30, 2009
Hey Jesse...good to see some layouts!!! This is beautiful! I love the colors. I am like you..I could do an entire album with song lyrics. Hope you are well, spring is almost here. How is Paige and hubby?
lposey01, at 12:43PM on Friday January 30, 2009
I love this page! Even without the lyrics it would be gorgeous.
weblg, at 04:44PM on Friday January 30, 2009
What a beautiful page! This is one of the prettiest pages I've seen in the gallery!
thal820, at 06:22PM on Friday January 30, 2009
I LOVE THIS! It's so simple, but says so much. Great job!
RABIDFOX, at 01:43AM on Saturday January 31, 2009
Your background image is a good one to use. I love how happy the 2 girls seem.
Jesse77, at 06:10AM on Saturday January 31, 2009
Wow! thank you ladies!!!!! What nice compliments :) *Marilyn, we are hanging in there sadly, my Grandmother passed away this week, so we are heading to Phoenix on Tuesday. We are all taking it hard, especially Paige as they were so close, but we know that she is in a much better place. Thank you for asking. Hope all is well with you.
scottygal, at 09:25PM on Saturday January 31, 2009
Yet another piece of your work that I am admiring! It is kind of like a modern day Jessie Wilcox Smith to me. Beautiful. Gorrgeous!
annefulling, at 02:26PM on Sunday February 01, 2009
How pretty! I love the pics of the girls, and the deep turquoise color of the page is beautiful!