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A Hand To Hold On To

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We had spent crazy day trying to get just one good shot of the family. That isn't easy with six people and a very stubborn toddler. We had given up but decided to try one more shot. We actually were using our tripod and timer. Even though the picture isn't super clear, I love it. I smile when I see it, all my kids lined up in a row, holding hands with the peopel we love the most. It was worth the extra time.


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weblg, at 04:43PM on Friday January 30, 2009
What a great picture! The story is too funny! To just look at the picture you think "what a great moment to capture in a picture", but unknowing to most people, you had to work really hard to capture that perfect pic. Both LO's are really great! I love them!!
kburtnett, at 10:31PM on Friday January 30, 2009
Love your pages! The layouts, colors, and photos are beautiful.
RABIDFOX, at 01:36AM on Saturday January 31, 2009
I would have used the big picture myself; it really is wonderful.
scottygal, at 01:16PM on Sunday February 01, 2009
Gorgeous LO. I appreciate getting the family picture too (as we have five people in ours and one of them is a toddler). You have a beautiful family and I applaud all of you for putting effort into getting the family photo taken!
HLHL, at 08:50AM on Tuesday February 03, 2009
Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments and input.
kathyehlert, at 02:25PM on Saturday February 07, 2009
Really pretty. I love the blue flower... It's a great accent!
3 way scrapper, at 12:07PM on Friday February 13, 2009
simple but lovely LO... the photo is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.