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I love this challenge. We love all kinds of music and always associate it with everyday things in life. This one however, is VERY special. My husband loves the song Anna Begins and that's where he chose our daughters name from. This photo is his hand touching Anna for the first time. I chose to include this part of the lyric because I think it explains a small part of all the emotion you experience the day you become a mother or father...a lot of love and a little fear. I hope the lyric isn't misinterpreted.


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RABIDFOX, at 01:06AM on Saturday January 31, 2009
What a wonderful picture! The B&W image looks fantastic with this color in the background.
Jesse77, at 06:29AM on Saturday January 31, 2009
love it!
weblg, at 02:35PM on Saturday January 31, 2009
I love your color scheme with this picture. It's a beautiful LO.
annefulling, at 02:24PM on Sunday February 01, 2009
scottygal, at 08:46AM on Monday February 02, 2009
What a treasured moment! Great lyrics and most cherished for the three of you. Beautiful LO.