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Beautiful Smiles!


A reunion of 2 special sisters, Abuela (Grandma -on the left) and Auntie Titi'!


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annirana, at 03:27PM on Sunday July 22, 2007
I have an abuelita. My maternal G.M. is from Mexico. I recognize the gold butterfly, but what kit are the other colors from?
NursegreeneyesRN, at 05:01PM on Sunday July 22, 2007
Hey Andrea! I sent you an email, hope you got it! This kit is called "FlutterButter". Hope you had a gr8t wknd!
annirana, at 06:02PM on Sunday July 22, 2007
Yes ma'am, I got it and replied. I have a question, on one of your pages, ( best freinds) you said that you got a font called "Fiolex Girlz" from MM2. Do they come w/ the program, or did you purchase it from the MM store?
NursegreeneyesRN, at 03:55PM on Monday July 23, 2007
"Fiolex Girlz" font came with the MM V2.
annirana, at 04:25PM on Monday July 23, 2007
how do you access it?
alliesun98, at 03:39AM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
Sorry to butt into the conversation, but I was wondering how you are able to contact other members on here. Is there a place to find email addresses? I have some questions and would love some advice from some "seasoned veterans"!! Thanks :)
NursegreeneyesRN, at 03:11PM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
The font automatically came with the software. And to answer alliesun response....Hi! alliesun. Actually there is no place to find other MM emails, although wished they would have a mini chat room or forum where we can post our ideas. But, if you want to have a MM buddy you can email at [email protected] The only way to post messages is by leaving comments and go back on a daily basis to see if any one has responded to your question or comment! I emailed MM about developing a forum room, but Im still waiting for they're response.....If you have any questions or comments drop me an email! : D Ciao!
annirana, at 06:00AM on Wednesday July 25, 2007
Hi ladies! Alliesun you may reach me at: [email protected] (my name is Andrea) Check out the response I left on Rainees' blue ballet page called "dancing Rainee". It kind of ties in with what you're talking about. Bye! p.s. NursegreeneyesRN, I looked in my font folder for that font and it wasn't there. Is there some special trick to it?