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One of my favorite songs is from Sesame Street - "Somebody come and play" (It's the ringtone for my mom & sisters). I knew that I needed to use it in this challenge & finally figured out how. The wrench & stop sign are from Raspberry Road & the tape measure is from Digital Freebies.


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weblg, at 10:59PM on Sunday February 01, 2009
I really do admire your work..I copied this to my desktop...I will probably spend the next two days trying to recreate something similar! Where did you find the font for "Kittens"? In your pictures of your children, they seem to have really big imaginiations, which would really make a lot of sense, because your LOs show how large your imagination is...I really can't seem to get too far outside the box.
RABIDFOX, at 02:51PM on Saturday February 07, 2009
The font for kittens is called "cold night for alligators" & came from DaFont.com (I typed each letter individually so that I could rotate it & resize it to fit). Thanks for the compliments.
weblg, at 05:21AM on Sunday February 08, 2009
Thanks for letting me know...I didn't even know about that font site...Great!