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The wild are coming in!

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This morning my husband yelled at me to come and look out the window, and there were 7 deer running down the middle of the street (couldn't believe my eyes)..I couldn't get the camera quick enough so I missed the shot...but I thought about this one from last year...again, my husband opened the front door to leave, and yelled for me to come look, right there on the sidewalk stood these two mallards. I'm telling you, the wild are moving in! If you look close, one of them left me a present to clean up! This kit is from Mydreamfufilled.blogspot.com called Mallard (this is a good site...lots of freebies)


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annefulling, at 08:34AM on Friday February 06, 2009
Too cute, I love those colors...and the present that was left to you! Is it just me, or have you also not received any MM newsletter this week. I so look forward to it, and I still haven't received anything. Just curious.
BeachScraper, at 08:56AM on Friday February 06, 2009
This is a beautiful LO. I love mallards, they are so pretty. Two summer ago, we had a whole family, tiny babies and mom & dad come thru our yard almost every day. I looked for them every day. I have not received the MM newsletter either. Waiting. Again, very nice job.
weblg, at 04:13AM on Saturday February 07, 2009
Thanks ladies...this was a rare thing for our street...the water is several blocks away... so seeing them right at our front door was unusual. I would have love to have seen a whole family! Lucky you, Marilyn, to see them everyday! Seeing the beautiful creatures of nature always has me in awe. No MM newsletter here..also waiting! Well headed out to a gorgeous day (already 60 degrees...the high two days ago was 18).