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The youngest went on a cruise last week. The weather was bad, so they did not get to do too much, but she said she still had fun. We picked her up from the airport Friday night and she downloaded her pics..so I stayed up late last night...can't believe I did all the pages in one night!! Nothing fancy, she wanted to keep the focus mostly on the pictures..so I use very few elements. I ALREADY SEE A MISTAKE...THE DATE IS SUPPOSE TO BE FEB 2-6, 2009...:( I guess I will fix that before I print.


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BeachScraper, at 01:10PM on Sunday February 08, 2009
How fun for her...you are a great Mom to do all those LO's for her. Look like she had fun. Nice job.
weblg, at 03:00PM on Sunday February 08, 2009
Thank you! What a nice thing to say! She is actually one of my step daughters. We have 5 between us...when we were married, I had two, he had three (all girls). He adopted my girls, and I just loved his like they were mine. They were with us half time and their mom half time. They ranged from 2-9 when we were married...now 21-28. Wow..I'm getting old!