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Easter Parade 2007

Easter Purple


Our Family Easter 2007. Caitlyn is 15 months old and very inquisitive.


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annirana, at 08:59AM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
Cute page, adorable baby! What's the font?
bluegirl, at 09:27AM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
The font is Curlz MT size 48.
NursegreeneyesRN, at 03:18PM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
Hey bluegirl, just want to say what "cute" layouts! Your little girl is really cute! Question? where did the embellishments come from? That's really neat you added different emblishments besides using MM? or they from MM? thnXs! :D
alliesun98, at 07:58AM on Wednesday July 25, 2007
Really nice pages! I was going to ask the same thing...where did you get the embellishments? And a general question for you or anyone who may read this...how do you use fonts that are on your computer in another program (like Word, for example) in your MM pages?
NursegreeneyesRN, at 01:56PM on Wednesday July 25, 2007
That's what I want to find out too! I seen a couple of pages out there with different embellishments besides MM. If anyone knows how to do that, please let us know. But! I know that in fact if you by digital scrapbook kits from other places and try to add it in MM, you really can't. I tried!!! I bought a page layout with different embellishments with paper and doo-dads. I tried to open it with MM, and I couldn't. It will only work with Adobe photoshop. When you buy kits like that, most of them are compressed zip folders with file ending .png, Ladies, don't know what that means but unfortunately can't work with it in MM! Sad :( but true!!!
annirana, at 11:58AM on Thursday July 26, 2007
I don't know if this will help, but this is what I do...Let's address the font issue 1st. Are your fonts that you have in word not in your general font file? To find out go control panel>font folder>open. You should have a listing of every single font on your computer there. If word stores a different set of fonts than what are loaded onto your computer, then just click and drag them into your font file, then when you go to add text to your MM LO, click on the font/ text drop box and choose which font you want to use. As far as using emellishments from other kits, what I do is when your asked where do you want to save this file, I choose "my pictures" then when I want to add them to my page, I don't open my embellishments, I add them as a picture. It's a little different approach, but it works. Like Nathan's farm and Ranch museum page, the kit was free (Happy times) but the pages are premade, designed for you to just add your pics. They don't send it w/ embellishment options. So what I did was load it into a pictures file and I add each embellishment as a picture. If you look at that album, you'd never know that I didn't have access to the individual embellishments. I hope this helps, if it doesn't Alliesun and Nursegreeneyes you both have my e-mail address, write me and I can call you and walk you thru it. O.K.?