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10 reasons why I love you


I found this kit already made on my MM...I wasn't aware it was there, but thought it was darling and would work very nicely for a Valentine's Day present to Paul! Anyways, I think it turned out cute! Let me know what you guys think!


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BeachScraper, at 01:52PM on Tuesday February 10, 2009
This is beautiful and very very sweet. Love the colors. Think my favorite is #6, the "dork" , it's good to be honest, gave me a good laugh..
audosborne, at 02:43PM on Tuesday February 10, 2009
I think it couldn't be more perfect. I love the colors and the sentiments and the great photos. It's just beautiful!!!
kmbizal, at 02:37AM on Wednesday February 11, 2009
Very beautiful LOs. Did you mean to enter these in the challenge? You definitely should. Be sure to add the tag, Love Challenge.
weblg, at 04:12AM on Wednesday February 11, 2009
Very nice! I wish I had more pictures of my husband and I in the first few years....but we were always the ones taking the pictures. He should be very happy with this V-day present! Great Job.