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aqua ballerina girl flowers


May '06 One of Rainees' many Ballet recitals. That little girl loves to dance! The doodle at the top of the page is a cutesy doodle font blown up to about 300.


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NursegreeneyesRN, at 03:13PM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
Cute embellishments, I like!!!! :D Where did you get them from? I noticed on some of your other LO you have different embellishments not from MM? Are these from MM V1? or how did you do that? Like to know your tips!! ;D
annirana, at 05:19PM on Tuesday July 24, 2007
Everything is from MM2, except the ballerina font which is "annulment". The doodle at the top is db cutesy doodle font. The frame around her face is MM2 pink frame, shrunk down. The star is MM2. Go to shapes>star>color match then shrink it down. Hope that helps...Thanx for the compliments!