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True Love Lasts a Lifetime

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I just love these pictures of my husband's grandparents you can just feel how much they loved each other just by looking at them! I have been fortunate to have been showered with their love for the past 7 years as have my children. I have learned so much about what True Love is just by witnessing it and I can never say True Love doesn't exist because of them!


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jkpierce11, at 02:28PM on Saturday February 14, 2009
I love the look of this layout! I'm sure your family appreciates your kind words. Happy Valentines Day!
weblg, at 12:53AM on Monday February 16, 2009
Very nice! Great tribute to your husband's grandparents. You did a beautiful job. What kit is this?
kysmom, at 09:36AM on Tuesday February 17, 2009
Beautiful LO!
BeachScraper, at 02:49PM on Tuesday February 17, 2009
Very nicely done...great LO. The use of browns with older photos is very effective.
RABIDFOX, at 01:52PM on Sunday February 22, 2009
Well balanced LO. I agree with all of the other comments - really nice job. The only 1 think I'ds try to fix is the levels on the bottom right photo. It looks like you need more contrast - it just seems a bit washed out compaired to the others.
amandasanchez113, at 05:07AM on Monday March 02, 2009
Thank so much for the kind comments, it's actually a quickpage I found for free here http://www.digitalarts-cafe.com by Lynn Griffin so the perfect layout is all her credit :) and the flower elements I added from a couple other free kits I had not quite sure of their names at the moment. It's one of my favorite pages so glad everyone else liked it as well!